Why Do People Experience Hair Loss?

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Hair loss can happen for a variety of different reasons. While hair loss may be a common condition, that does not undermine how distressing this condition can be. Experiencing hair loss can cause emotional turmoil and a lack in self-confidence. Thankfully, there are non surgical hair replacement systems that can help those who are experiencing hair loss. Below, we will outline why you may be experiencing hair loss.


Genetics is the reason up to 90% of people experience balding. If your grandparents have gone bald, as well as your parents, the likelihood that you will also go bald is high. You can have genetic testing done in order to determine your likelihood of going bald. However, it is often easy to determine just by looking at your family members. You may have also had a recessive gene passed down by your parents and grandparents. This means that they do not exhibit balding, but you do. Balding is therefore in your DNA.

Certain Medications

Medications that may be essential for your wellbeing, such as chemotherapy drugs or acne medications, could also cause hair loss in some people. This is because these medications could interfere with your hormone production. If the medications are stopped, the hair may return. However, this may not always be the case. It is not advised to stop taking medication without speaking with your doctor.

Alopecia Areata

The condition alopecia areata can cause hair loss to the body’s immune system response. The body attacks healthy hair follicles, which causes hair growth to cease. The hair may grow back or it may not. Missing hair patches may also be noticeable on other parts of a person’s body, such as their eyebrows.

Hair Loss is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Do not be ashamed of your hair loss. It is actually a quite common condition. Regardless of why you may be losing your hair, in every instance, you are not responsible for what is happening and thus have no control over it. Instead, you can work towards finding a solution with a trained professional in advanced hair replacement and custom hair systems. Speaking with a professional will help to outline your hair replacement systems solutions.

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