As a Woman, Why Should I Choose a Non Surgical Hair Replacement System?

non surgical hair replacement systems

There are a lot of reasons why women need hair replacement systems. We often think of hair replacement systems as the answers to specific medical problems. But many women simply experience hair loss as they age. In fact, up to 66% of all postmenopausal women will experience hair thinning of some kind. For some women, this will barely be noticeable. For others, it will not only be noticeable but highly impactful for their confidence levels.

If you’ve experienced severe hair thinning as a woman, you may assume that you need to jump towards surgical hair restoration options. But the fact is that there are other non surgical hair restoration systems that are not just options, but in many cases, superior to surgical options. Non surgical hair replacement systems have come a long way over the years. No longer are they noticeable, and many of them rival the appearance of real hair. With that being said, let’s explore some of the questions you may have about hair replacement systems for women.

Why Shouldn’t I Consider Surgical Hair Replacement?

In terms of surgical hair replacements, it’s important to remember that you may want to be careful what you wish for. Surgical hair replacements can be quite invasive, and they involve incisions and often the transplantation of hair follicles. This process can be painful and requires days or weeks of out-patient recovery. Additionally, some patients can suffer from scarring due to the transplantation process.

Additionally, the reality is that hair transplants and other surgical procedures are not always effective. At times, the hair will be transplanted or implanted, only to fall out. This can result in thousands of dollars being wasted, the pain and time spent on the procedures notwithstanding. For many people, the risk simply isn’t worth it, which is why they jump straight to non surgical hair replacement systems.

What Are The Benefits of Non Surgical Hair Restoration Systems?

While surgical hair restoration systems may come with unexpected cons, non surgical hair restoration systems may come with unexpected pros. There are a lot of reasons why people choose non surgical hair replacement systems. For one thing, they’re much less uncomfortable and often cost a good bit less. For another, there are instant results with these types of hair replacement systems.

For many people, this is a major benefit. The insecurities that make living with hair loss so difficult are actively present, and nobody wants to have to deal with them for a day longer. Non surgical hair restoration systems provide immediate relief and an immediately great look.

Another major benefit of these systems is that they can be styled and altered similarly to natural hair. You aren’t missing out by having a non surgical hair restoration system in place. The hair replacement system can last for weeks or months, depending on which option you choose. And in the end, you can move forward with a hair replacement system without looking as if you are obviously wearing one, and have it replaced or upgraded regularly in order to maintain the integrity of your hair.

What Should I Expect When Getting a Hair Replacement System?

Different non surgical hair replacement systems will offer different application experiences. Usually, hair replacement systems will either have a lace front, which will be made from sheer lace, or a skin base, which is made of polyurethane. It will then be attached by a professional, usually either with wig glue or wig tape.

This isn’t something that you can necessarily do at home; there is a reason why hair replacement systems last longer than typical wigs. A great thing about these systems is that if you don’t love the initial appearance, you can have no fear; the system can be adjusted and re-styled until you are happy with it.

While non surgical hair replacement systems can be somewhat difficult to navigate at first, they clearly offer a lot of benefits. Additionally, they allow you to avoid the issues that come with surgical replacements. Why not consider this for the future of your hair?

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