4 Benefits of Non Surgical Hair Systems Versus Surgical Hair Restoration

custom hair systems for men

Did you know that the typical person will lose around 100 strands of hair each day? In other words, you aren’t alone if you feel like you’re losing a good bit of hair. Nevertheless, some people find themselves losing hair at a faster rate than they are comfortable with, and this can lead to a good deal of insecurity. This is especially problematic for men, who typically already have shorter hair and therefore may find that their hair loss is more noticeable more quickly.

Men often associate thinning hair with aging or a loss of masculinity. Although neither of these things is necessarily true, there is a societal expectation for men to maintain a full head of hair. Therefore, there is often a temptation for men to invest in expensive surgical hair replacement systems that will not necessarily work and could result in health complications. Did you know that there is an alternative to this strategy? Yes, non surgical hair restoration is an option for men experiencing hair loss, and in many ways, it is more viable than it ever was before. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the benefits of custom hair systems for men as opposed to typical surgical hair replacement options.

1. Immediate Results

By the time many people come to the conclusion that they want to explore custom hair systems for men, they’ve often already experienced some anxiety about their thinning hair. It could be visible merely to them, or it could already be quite apparent and noticeable. Either way, people should have the ability to experience instant relief of this anxiety if they wish. However, this is not always an option with surgical procedures. These procedures can take months to achieve their full effect, and in some cases they never do.

In contrast, non surgical hair replacement systems are immediately effective. They simply need to be applied to the scalp, and the client will walk out of the salon looking like a new man. Additionally, this can take some of the anxiety out of worrying about what new hair will look like when it grows in. The client will know exactly what they’re getting because the results are immediate.

2. It’s Painless

One of the main reasons why custom hair systems for me are so often preferred over surgical procedures is that surgical procedures can be quite painful. Often, these procedures involve harvesting strips of skin from one part of the body and transplanting them to the area where the hair is thinning. This can result in lingering pain for days or weeks, and in some cases, even infections.

Custom hair systems for men are painless, and will not cause pain as time goes by. Additionally, there is no need for men to be concerned about their hair replacement systems causing them scarring or infection. These systems are largely cosmetic and are not invasive. Therefore, there is no more of a need to worry about them than there would be for a haircut.

3. A Lack of Mystery

As previously mentioned, there can be some anxiety surrounding the results of surgical hair restoration. While these procedures take time and money, there is no guarantee that they will work. Additionally, the hair that grows back following procedures like hair transplants may not completely resemble the original hair that was on the scalp.

Custom hair systems for men differ in that the client can look at the system before it is used and assess whether or not it’s what he wants. They can make the determination that the hair system is the right choice for them, and understand exactly what they’re getting.

4. Affordability

A surgical hair restoration procedure can cost thousands of dollars. In general, the price ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 for a procedure, and it may have to be repeated depending on the results and their longevity.

In comparison, a non surgical hair system can cost much less money. Depending on the system that is selected, it could cost less than $1,000, and will last for months before it needs to be replaced or re-installed.

Generally speaking, hair replacement systems are easier to apply, less expensive, and are highly likely to work. It’s no wonder why so many men prefer this option!

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