Who Should Try Custom Hair Systems?

custom hair systems

Hair replacement systems exist to help people who are losing or have lost their natural hair. Hair loss can occur for anyone, at any point, for a number of reasons. Factors that contribute to hair loss include diseases, like diabetes, that change the chemical makeup of hair. But hair loss can also occur due to accidents, genetics, or when people fail to properly take care of their hair.

Hair loss is extremely common, but hair replacement systems exist to help combat hair loss.

So, who should consider custom hair systems? How do you know that a custom hair system is right for you? Below are three different groups of people who can benefit from hair replacement systems.

Those with a Predisposition to Baldness

Both men and women can suffer from baldness; in fact, genetic factors largely influence 90% of the people who experience thinning hair and baldness. Since it is largely unavoidable for many people, there are tons of options available to treat hair loss.

Choices include hair regrowth serums, wigs, and custom hair systems from experienced professionals. While women are more likely to try different solutions, many men try only a few solutions before giving up. Sometimes it’s a source of pride, other times it’s because men don’t know about alternative options out there. Hair systems for men are becoming increasingly popular, especially custom hair systems that are made specifically for hair color, texture, and future hair goals.

Chemo and Cancer Survivors

For men, women, and children who have undergone chemo treatments, losing their hair is another devastating part of fighting their disease. For men who lose their hair, many do not realize how important their appearance was to their self-confidence. Many women who are cancer survivors will recall how their hair once was, and how different it might be after cancer. For children, losing their hair can make them more susceptible to bullying and loss of self-confidence. All chemo patients and cancer survivors can benefit from custom hair systems that are tailored to their specific needs.

African American Women

An African American woman’s hair not only represents her cultural identity but is also a form of personal expression. Unfortunately, African American women are at a higher risk of thinning hair than many other populations. This is, in part, because many women will wear their hair out with lower quality weaves, perms, or constant coloring, which can lead to thinning hair. Broken hair and severe split ends are common for many black women. Many women (and men) will also choose wigs instead of custom hair systems, especially if they are looking for a quick, cheap option to cover up their thinning hair. But African American hair systems are actually a more cost-effective option long term because hair replacement uses real human hair, rather than synthetic threads.

For the best hair system on the market, contact Farrell Hair Replacement. Our custom hair systems are a great confidence booster for anyone looking for real hair. Our consultants are standing by to help you!

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