What Women Need To Know About Their Hair Restoration Options

african american hair systemsWe can all live without our hair. However, it can be incredibly difficult to emotionally deal with hair loss, especially if you’re a woman. Unfortunately, hair loss is a lot more commonplace for women than many people may realize. It’s estimated that about a third of women will experience some degree of hair loss at some point or another. There are a lot of reasons why this can occur, which will be discussed below. Many women feel as if hair loss is something of a taboo thing to discuss. We expect men to lose hair, but we don’t expect to lose it ourselves. For that reason, a lot of women aren’t sure what to do when they start to lose their hair. This is especially true for African American women, as African American hair has specific needs that can’t necessarily be tended to in the same ways that Caucasian hair can be. Many of the most common hair replacement systems were made with Caucasian hair in mind. Fortunately, in recent years, African American hair systems have become more prioritized by the industry.

There are a number of different ways in which hair loss can be handled. In the past, many African American hair systems have been reliant upon additions like wigs, weave-ins, and extensions. Many Caucasian hair restoration systems, in contrast, have been based on surgical techniques. However, these types of hair replacement services and systems both have their drawbacks. In recent years, a lot of African American women have been seeking systems made for them that don’t necessarily require surgery, but do look more realistic than traditional African American hair systems. But why do African American women need these systems in the first place? What factors contribute to hair loss? Let’s look into these questions further.

What Contributes To Hair Loss Among African American Women?

African American hair systems have been a stronger commodity than hair systems for alternate communities for quite a long time. In fact, Madame C.J. Walker was the first American female self-made millionaire, and she made her fortune by providing hair treatments for African American women. This is in part because the African American men and women typically have more delicate hair types, which are more prone to damage. Furthermore, one of the leading causes of hair loss among African American women is alopecia, which can often be difficult to explain. The condition causes inflammation, and ultimately the destruction of hair follicles. It leads to scarring, which can ultimately cause permanent hair loss.

Can Women Prevent Hair Loss?

Ironically, one of the main ways in which African American women can prevent hair loss has to do with how a lot of women attempt to combat natural hair loss in the first place. Many of the styling techniques that are popular among African American women, including certain braiding techniques and weave-in hairstyles, can ultimately lead to early hair damage and hair loss. Furthermore, a lot of women relax their hair through techniques that utilize heat and chemical treatments. Fortunately, there are ways in which women can treat hair loss without surgical intervention, which can be painful and sometimes leave less than desirable results, and without further damaging their scalps.

What Are The Advantages Of Non Surgical Hair Restoration Systems?

As previously mentioned, surgical hair restoration systems are painful, and can at times require a fairly lengthy healing process. Obviously, the alternative techniques can both sometimes fail to meet expectations and can have negative effects. Non surgical hair restoration allows for an appearance that both looks and feels real. The reason has to do in part with the fact that the hair used is human hair, but it’s simply applied in a more permanent way than a lot of hair additives typically are. This hair can furthermore be used in a variety of ways, filling in bald patches, or perhaps moving a hairline forward. It doesn’t have to be removed and replaced, and therefore will also move like your own natural hair.

Nobody should be ashamed of hair restoration. Everyone should be able to feel confident in their appearances. Luckily, there are options available for those dealing with hair loss that will leave women much more comfortable!

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