Ways to Minimize Hair Loss

Several things can cause hair loss. Things within the environment, high amounts of stress, improper diet and hereditary factors can all result in thinning hair. Regardless of the root of the problem, hair loss can be extremely upsetting to those experiencing it.

Luckily, many things can be done to stop balding or even prevent it before it starts. Try massaging your scalp frequently, preferably with oil. This is known to stimulate blood flow which will help you keep the hair that you have and encourage the hair you’ve lost to grow back.

Keep in mind that not all hair loss is permanent. Illness, medication, increased stress, and unexpected weight fluctuations can all cause temporary hair loss. It isn’t too hard to tell if your hair loss has been brought on by a temporary change, because it often begins around three months after the change that occurs. The good news is that it will typically resolve itself within three months, and the process can be sped up by using these tips.

It’s important to stay healthy when dealing with hair loss. Keep in mind that in addition to being something to style your hair served a practical purpose protecting your head from the elements. If you know you will be spending time in the sunlight, the cold, or an extreme weather situation, be sure to wear sunscreen and protective accessories such as sunglasses or a hat.

Pay close attention to what you’re eating. Unhealthy eating habits, which include too much fast food and sugar, can be a huge part of the problem if you’re suffering from hair loss. Improper diet results in unhealthy hair, which is more prone to breakage than healthy hair.

Hair is made of protein, so it is essential to eat high protein, low fat foods such as chicken and  fish to enable it to grow strong. Fruits and vegetables are another important element to the diet, as they provide the vitamins and minerals that your hair needs for optimal health.

When it comes to medication, hair loss is a little-known side effect of  antidepressants. Many times those taking such medication notice their hair thinning over the course of their treatment. There are many antidepressants on the market, so it is possible that there is another medication that will continue to help you without damaging your hair. Talk with your doctor and see what your options are.

Avoid stressful hairstyles that involve tight ponytails, tight braids, or lots of heat whenever possible. It’s best to stay away from heat and chemicals, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Use products that will buffer their effects and protect your hair.

Hair loss is an issue for people of all ages and genders and can be caused by many different things. Some of these things are easy to control, others are difficult or even impossible to control. Either way, the advice presented here includes several methods for dealing with your hair loss and figuring out what caused it. Knowing the root of your problem should make it a lot easier to successfully address your hair loss problem.

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