Signs You May Need Hair Replacement Systems

Losing your hair can be frightening and overwhelming. However, hair loss is not an uncommon issue and many people experience hair loss in their lifetime. This does not mean that hair thinning and hair loss is any less disheartening, as it can severely impact a person’s self esteem and overall confidence. Below, we will discuss signs that you may be losing your hair, why you may be losing your hair, and African American hair system solutions.

Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be subtle, especially in the beginning stages. This may make it difficult to spot until you have already lost enough hair to suddenly be very noticeable. It is normal and natural to lose several strands of hair per day. We often notice this natural shedding when we are washing our hair in the shower or brushing our hair. However, if you start to notice clumps of hair falling out or a lot of hair piling on your pillow, this could be a sign that you are experiencing hair loss. When you look in the mirror, you may notice that you can see sections of your scalp or your hair is thinner in multiple areas. This could also be a sign of hair loss.

Why Am I Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss can feel very isolating. However, many people experience it and there are many different reasons why someone may be experiencing hair loss. Getting to the root cause of your hair loss is essential for you to find a proper solution.


Of those who experience baldness, up to 90% are experiencing it because of genetics. Genetics are passed down from generation to generation. We cannot help what genetics are handed down to us. If you notice that multiple members in your family experience hair thinning or baldness, it is probable that you are experiencing your hair loss due to genetics. Speaking with a medical professional can help you to rule out other more serious issues.

Hormonal Imbalances

An imbalance in your hormones can also cause hair loss. This is especially true in women who have just given birth or are going through menopause. This hair may or may not grow back. Men also may lose their hair as a result of the aging process as their hormone systems change as they age.

Thyroid Issues

Disruptions in your thyroid can directly affect your hormones that regulate your hair growth. Experiencing either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can cause hair thinning and hair loss. If a person gets treatment for their thyroid issue, this may help to reverse the hair loss. However, this does not always happen in every case.


Mental and physical stress to your body can cause hair loss. Many individuals have reported losing significant amounts of hair when they are under extreme instances of stress and anxiety. Hair loss, in and of itself, can also be a stressful event which will add fuel to the fire. If a person experiences a surgery or high fevers, they may also experience hair loss. If the cause of stress is addressed and treated, the hair loss issue may subside.


It is not uncommon in order to require important medication in order to stay healthy. However, these medications can also come with side effects. One of these side effects is hair loss. A few medications that can cause hair loss include certain thyroid medications, antidepressants, and anticoagulants. Medications will affect different people differently, so it is important to speak with your medical professional about what symptoms you are experiencing.

African American Hair System

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may be looking for an African American hair system as a non surgical hair restoration solution. This type of hair replacement service is completely individualized and you will meet with a qualified professional who is experienced in African American hair system solutions. Your custom solution will be developed after an in-depth consultation is performed and an overall evaluation is conducted. Call today to speak to our dedicated professionals for non surgical hair replacement.

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