Jason Alexander talks about wearing a toupee

Jason Alexander started losing his hair at 17 years of age, which is extremely traumatic to any young man, but was actually a boon to his acting career. He found that his baldness became increasingly distracting, because of sweating, clumping of makeup and much more that made his lack of hair that much more troubling.

However, he did not want to detriment his acting career by opting for permanent hair replacement solutions, as he enjoyed the ability to play innumerable characters, either with or without hair. Therefore, he chose to investigate other alternatives, which included hairpieces.

Jason Alexander has never tried to hide the fact that he was wearing a toupee, because hair loss is simply a reality of his life, and no one wakes up one day with a full head of hair again.

He had no interest in playing make believe; he just wanted to have the increased self-esteem and confidence that a hairpiece could provide.

The problem remained that he did have a lot of difficulty in finding a hair replacement system that worked. Before coming to Farrell Hair, he tried a couple of other companies whose hairpieces contained irritating netting, or latex surfaces to keep them in place.

However, Jason had an allergic reaction to these, leaving him without an alternative, or so he thought. He then went on the internet, and found Farrell Hair via a Google search.

Another issue that Jason was having in finding the best hair replacement system was that he did not want to magically have a full head of hair, but wanted to look like a man who was simply losing his hair. Initially, he did not have the confidence that Farrell Hair would be able to do this for him, because he did not want it to look terribly obvious, fake or for the toupee to show any seams.

However, when he spoke with Richard Farrell about it, Richard exuded nothing but confidence in his ability to create a stunning toupee that looked and felt real and was exactly what Jason wanted. When Farrell Hair created Jason’s hairpiece, he actually wore it that same evening to a red carpet event. Expecting the worst from celebrity watchdog groups, such as TMZ, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the reports claimed that he looked good with his toupee, not ridiculous. Jason’s results from Farrell Hair are typical, as his wife, friends and family have all told him that he looks good and the toupee looks very realistic.

Watch the Jason Alexander Toupee video.

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