It’s True: Hair Replacement Really Does Make You Look Younger

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For many of us, our hair is intrinsically tied to our identity and our self-esteem. While getting a new haircut can make you feel like a million bucks, dealing with hair loss or thinning hair can really take a toll on your confidence levels. In fact, 75% of men who experience hair loss say their condition makes them look older — and in a society that values youth and attractiveness, that’s not welcome news.

But it stands to reason that those experiencing hair loss can literally reverse the aging process by exploring the best hair replacement systems available. What’s more, the idea that hair replacement can make individuals look younger and more attractive is actually backed up by data.

According to a 2016 study, balding men who pursue hair restoration are seen as being younger, more handsome, more successful, and more approachable than those who do not receive a hair replacement treatment. In a comparison of men before and after undergoing hair replacement, participants rated the images of men after their hair restorations as much higher in all the aforementioned categories.

There may actually be a couple of different reasons for this. One obvious reason is that most people see others who have healthy hair as being more attractive. If someone’s main goal is to make themself more visually appealing to others, it makes sense to look into custom hair systems for men. However, keep in mind that the confidence you gain from hair replacement can also have an effect on how others perceive you.

We’ve known for many years that when individuals pursue custom hair systems for men to restore the look of their locks, they feel more assured in their appearance and will often be happier overall. Baldness, on the other hand, can often make people feel stressed or depressed — and that alone can make someone seem less approachable or less motivated. In some ways, it may not just be the physical hair restoration itself that makes the difference; it might also be the self-esteem that follows that can allow you to come off as more attractive to others.

Whatever the psychological reasons behind it, it’s clear that custom hair systems for men can allow you to appear younger and more attractive — both to others and to yourself. If you’ve struggled with your self-esteem as a result of hair loss, you don’t have to accept this as your fate. Contact us today to learn more about our custom hair systems for men and see how these treatments can improve your life.

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