How to Stop Your Hair System From Itching

By age 50, it’s estimated that up to 50% of men experience thinning hair. Many will often seek custom hair systems to solve this problem. As hair loss sufferers adjust to their non surgical hair replacement systems, one issue that might arise is an itchy scalp. There are a few things that can help reduce this issue. Here are some tips you can try to stop your custom hair system from itching.

1. Minimize shifting

In most cases, moderate or slight movements of your hair system won’t cause any itching. Nonetheless, if you forcefully rub your scalp, it can cause your hairpiece to move around more throughout your day. As a result of it moving around more, your scalp will get itchy, and red patches may begin to form. If you use hard bond glue to keep your custom hair system in place, the growth of your biological hair may merge with your hairpiece. This merging can cause excessive shifting, and thus more itching. A solution you can try is to use clips to hold your hairpiece in place. You can also try taping it to your scalp. These methods of holding your hair system in place will reduce shifting and help prevent itching.

2. Treat razor burns

Hair system experts usually recommend wearing custom hair systems after you’ve shaved your head. It allows the hairpiece to settle more smoothly on the scalp. At times though, you may experience ingrown hair or razor burn, which can cause itchiness under your hair system. It’s important to wash your scalp daily. Make sure you use a fresh towel and cloth each time. Additionally, you can apply salt mixed with water on to your scalp, and then after 20 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this method once a week to see if it helps stop the itching. Lastly, you can look for specific gels or creams that can be applied to your scalp to avoid any infection occurring from shaving or scratching.

3. Reduce sweating

Itchiness under your hair system can sometimes be due to sweat. Use a medicated shampoo to wash your scalp. If your scalp tends to be more oily, wash it every one to two days, and if it tends to be more day, wash it three to four days. Avoiding spicy foods can also help your scalp sweat less. Try to eat fewer foods that have spices or garlic in it. Additionally, you can mix apple cider vinegar with warm water, and massage the mixture on your scalp twice a week to minimize sweating.

Custom hair systems help give hair loss sufferers a non-surgical way to cover up their hair loss. In the process of beginning this solution, itching may sometimes occur. Following all of these tips will be helpful in reducing itchiness when wearing a hairpiece.

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