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Hair system maker Richard Farrell has been making the finest hair loss hair systems in the world for 30 years, watch the video of Richard as he explains why Farrell is the only hair replacement hair system in its class.

Hair Loss Options
In the world of hair loss there are many choices, most people who venture into the hair loss market are soon to learn that their choices are not as plentiful as the market first appears. The simple fact is that most people who suffer from hair loss usually arrive at just three options for treating their hair loss. Get the facts about hair loss and your options:

1.) Hair transplants.

2.) Hair loss medications such as Propecia or Rogaine.

3.) Non surgical hair systems.

Propecia –vs- Rogaine … Two Bad Choices
These facts according to the US Government website

Finasteride commonly marketed and sold as Propecia:
– Inability to have or maintain an erection.
– Decreased sexual desire (including decreased volume of semen).
– Pain in the testicles.
– Not used to treat hair loss in women or children!

Minoxidol commonly marketed and sold as Rogaine:
– Minoxidil has no effect on receding hairlines.
– Does not cure baldness!

And what about hair transplants?
Over 35% of Farrell clients are individuals who are forced to wear hair replacement systems to cover up scars and plugs from botched hair transplant surgeries. To avoid becoming a victim of expensive hair transplant procedures, think about this: Once you’ve paid your $10,000 (plus) for a hair transplant what do you think happens as your hairline continues to recede? That’s right … you are forced to keep buying additional surgical procedures.

The Farrell DifferenceHair System Choice
The main difference between Farrell and all of the other hair replacement companies is simple: We replace your hair exactly the way it used to grow. Your hair loss problem will be solved as you get all of your hair back and simply look incredible! You will be able to style your hair in any manner and do any activity in confidence.

About Farrell Hair: Our hair systems use the finest quality human hair and custom blend it to match your own color, density and texture. Farrell’s base materials virtually disappear on your skin. A Farrell “ultra-custom” hair replacement system flows and moves as if it were your own hair. At Farrell Salon ( you can buy the best hair system products available anywhere on the Internet. Shop for Richard Farrell hair system products to guarantee the life of your hair system!

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