“Farrell Hair Will Be Visiting Melbourne”

Farrell Hair Replacement, a company specializing in hair loss solutions, has announced their upcoming tour stop in Melbourne on July 5th. This is one of many destinations on the Farrell Tour, which has taken the company everywhere from Houston, Texas to Stockholm, Sweden. During this stop, the company will hold free consultations with men and women in search of a hair loss solution that really works.

Many struggling with hair loss have dealt with risky surgical procedures and harsh chemicals, or feel these are their only options. Both treatments can be equal parts damaging and ineffective. Voted “Best in the World” for nine years in a row, Farrell Hair Replacement provides a viable alternative. The company creates what they call “ultra-custom” non-surgical hair replacement systems, a term used due to the great lengths taken to provide a truly customized hair system. Most companies’ idea of customization is to take head measurements and customer specifications before outsourcing the order for mass-production overseas, leaving clients wearing a somewhat generic hair system.

For Farrell Hair Replacement, customization does not involve outsourcing and requires a lot of labor, all of which is done within the company. After receiving a client’s order, they take two to three months to make a unique hair system. They make use of high quality human hair that is identical in color, density, and texture to that of the client’s. Farrell Hair Replacement looks at creating hair systems as an art, and creates undetectable hair systems with natural hairlines that can be worn throughout any activity and parted in all possible ways. In addition, it is possible to expose the hairline entirely with no problem.

The company does a series of makeover videos, which chronicle the transformation of various clients as their hair system is installed. The latest, which follows a young girl named Lauren, is available in the video section of the company’s website.

In their field, Farrell Hair Replacement is the best in the world. Unsurprisingly, the company has a large client base. Farrell systems allow the creation of every style imaginable. This has made them especially popular with actors, whose film roles often require new hairstyles to change their appearance or how old they look.

The company also has a large celebrity clientele base, including TV star Jason Alexander. Perhaps best known for his role on the hit show Seinfeld, Jason is one of many satisfied celebrity clients. He even did a video interview, which can be found on the company website, in which he discussed his experience with Farrell Hair Replacement.

About Farrell Hair Replacement

Founded by Richard Farrell, Farrell Hair Replacement helps men and women who are suffering from hair loss for every imaginable reason. They have clients throughout the world, and have even won the praise of various celebrities. They create natural, high-quality, customized hair systems designed by Richard himself. The system has been voted “Best in the World” for nine years in a row. To learn more about this tour date and schedule a consultation, call 1877-787-4247 or visit the company website.

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