Debunking 4 Common Myths Surrounding Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

We often associate hair loss with men. But in fact, hair loss is very common among women, as well — particularly after they’ve gone through menopause. It’s estimated that up to 66% of women will experience hair thinning after menopause. This can be greatly impactful on both an aesthetic level and an emotional one. Women put a lot of stock in their hair and don’t anticipate losing it in the same sense that men do. We often associate a woman’s hair with her beauty and youth, so visibly thin hair can make a woman feel as if she’s aging or has lost her vibrancy.

At the same time, a lot of the hair replacement services that we often think of immediately are surgical. They come with a major financial commitment and uncertain results; there is no guarantee that many of them will give you the look that you’re seeking. For that matter, these procedures can be painful and require a time commitment in order to fully heal. This is why many women are considering nonsurgical hair replacement systems. These systems are widely available, but they’re not necessarily a topic that we’re as educated about. Let’s look into some of the myths surrounding nonsurgical hair replacement services.

Myth: They Don’t Last

On the contrary, the best hair replacement systems are long-lasting and can be replenished. While you may need to worry about the effects of surgical procedures wearing off over time and thinning as your natural hair thins, you can invest in a nonsurgical hair replacement service for the long term, and maintain them as long as you wish. A nonsurgical hair replacement system is not something that you need to replace every few weeks, as some assume. Rather, if properly maintained, a nonsurgical hair replacement system can last three to five months. Afterward, you could simply have it replaced, or even switched up if you’d like to change your look.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that these systems give you flexibility. If you invest in a surgical procedure, that procedure is meant to be permanent. Therefore, you won’t have many options if you don’t like the results. If you’d like to change or remove your hair replacement system, it’s a simple, straightforward process.

Myth: It’s Not As Effective As Surgery

On the contrary, nonsurgical hair replacement services are often more effective than hair replenishing surgeries. The issue with many hair transplant surgeries is that they are dependent on donor follicles. Donor follicles are collected from one part of the body and moved to the balding area. If a candidate lacks a good amount of donor follicles, they may be out of luck.

With nonsurgical hair replacement services, there is hair available for the candidate regardless of their follicles. They can get more coverage, and have more control over their end results. This is particularly appealing to women, who often would prefer longer or thicker hair than men, and therefore have less to gain from hair transplant procedures.

Myth: It’s Expensive

While there is a degree of maintenance involved in hair replacement systems, it’s often not comparable to the expense of a surgical procedure. Keep in mind that surgical procedures sometimes require multiple sessions, and even then, they may not take to the degree that you aim for. For that matter, there is maintenance involved in those surgical procedure results, with some clients choosing to repeat the procedure multiple times over the years.

In contrast, hair replacement systems are more affordable and can be compared to the investment that you would make in a nice haircut every few months. Great-looking hair will always require some level of investment, but hair replacement systems ensure that you get exactly what you want for that investment.

Myth: The Hair Isn’t Real

You do not have to wear artificial hair when choosing a nonsurgical hair replacement system. If you would prefer artificial hair, there are options available. But many great hair replacement systems are made using ethically sourced human hair.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not a nonsurgical hair replacement system suits your needs. But if you’re a woman suffering from hair loss, this could be a great way for you to rebuild your confidence for the long term.

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