Covering Up Hair Loss is Important for Many People Especially Black Women

Choosing a high quality option, like lace front wigs for black women, is often the most economical and natural looking option. Unfortunately, many black women choose to use lower quality, synthetic wigs.

Though lace front wigs for black women are the superior choice, these cheaper wigs offer a quick fix at the time. To understand the sheer necessity of natural looking lace front wigs for black women, a person must first try to understand hair loss in black women, and some of its causes.

Understanding Hair Loss in Black Women

For most women, their hair is a definitive part of their style, personal expression, and personality. Hair loss in women can often bring on feelings of shame, sadness, and frustration. Black women are commonly plagued by hair loss, for a number of reasons.

Because of the coarse texture of African hair, many black women feel compelled to alter it, sometimes in the name of style and sometime just as a method of controlling it. In doing so, these women often employ a few different types of harsh styling methods, which often lead to some sort of hair loss.

Cornrows and weaves are two examples of this. These styles often involve constant tugging on the hair. Styles like this that are too tight can actually pull a woman’s hair out by the roots. Sometimes it may grow back, but frequent tight styles can often lead to permanent hair loss in black women.

These styles also make it difficult to wash the scalp properly, which can lead to a buildup of oil, dirt, and bacteria. This can lead to an infection on the scalp, which may cause hair loss.

Frequent chemical treatments are another common cause of hair loss in black women. Some black women who use chemical relaxers may suffer from chemical burns on the scalp. These harsh chemicals can also destroy the hair shaft, as well as the hair follicle, preventing damaged hair from growing back.

The Superior Fix: Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

Richard Farrell, founder of Farrell Hair, is an expert on hair replacement. His lace front wigs for black women use only the finest quality materials, and he is involved in each and every replacement hair system. He considers the superior lace and the excellent natural hair used in his lace front wigs to be the secret behind the long lasting results.

During Richard Farrell’s hair replacement, human hair that matches the client’s own hair is woven into the lace to replicate her natural growth. This leads to a completely natural look that will make anyone believe it isn’t a woman’s “real” hair. This technique, paired with the superior quality materials of the wigs, typically results in a lace front wig for black women lasting up to seven years! This allows a woman to spend less money and time maintaining or repairing her wig, and more time enjoying life.

About Farrell Hair: We use the finest quality human hair and custom blend it to match your own color, density and texture. Farrell’s base materials virtually disappear on your skin. A Farrell “ultra-custom” hair replacement system flows and moves as if it were your own hair. You will look like you have your own natural hair back. New clients usually doubt that we at Farrell can achieve their goals but in the end they find that we exceeded their wildest expectations!

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