Anytime a hair system is attached with a liquid adhesive- or a combination of tape and a liquid adhesive- the system is “bonded” to the scalp. I don’t consider a simple tape attachment as bonding because anytime a system is bonded it requires a good amount of cleaning, whereas a tape attachment does not require adhesives on the scalp.

The process of attaching a hair system in India and some other countries is popularly called “hair fixing”. 

The big hair replacement companies prefer to bond hair systems on to their clients because it is a big source of income for their studios. They require their clients to visit their studios weekly or bi-weekly in order for their hair systems to be removed and cleaned of old adhesives. At that time scalps are also cleaned of adhesives and they get a haircut.  Their systems are then reattached with adhesives of some sort and their hair is styled. The entire process takes 2 hours; and that is done every week or so. Give this a lot of thought. Think of how much time you would waste if you factor in driving to and from their studio, you start to see this as a huge expensive time commitment. 

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