6 Questions to Ask About Non Surgical Hair Restoration

non surgical hair restoration

Hair loss affects much of the American population. As life expectancy increases, more people are experiencing hair loss due to hormonal changes as they age. Moreover, genetic hair loss accounts for up to 90% of cases of baldness and can strike at any age.

When you are looking at non surgical hair restoration, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are six questions to ask about non surgical hair replacement systems:

Does the system use human hair?

Hair replacement systems that use human hair are more durable than synthetic hair. Non surgical hair restoration that uses human hair looks, moves, and feels like your natural hair.

Conversely, synthetic hair is made from plastic, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl chloride (or PVC). Synthetic hair requires lower maintenance than human hair, but it has some drawbacks. Synthetic hair cannot be styled because the plastic has a tendency to retain its original shape. Moreover, plastic is susceptible to melting and, consequently, can be damaged by curling irons, heated curlers, and even hot blow dryers. Most importantly, synthetic hair lasts less than half as long as human hair.

Is the system customized?

Some hair replacement systems use an off-the-shelf approach with limited sizes, shapes, colors, and hair lengths. Hair replacement using these systems provides only a few options for matching the hair you desire. It is these systems, and the cruel jokes they prompt, that often come to mind when you think about hair replacement.

However, customized non surgical hair restoration allows much more control when it comes to matching the color and length of the hair. Even more importantly, a customized approach tailors the size and shape of the hair restoration system to provide a natural hairline, including sideburns that complete its natural appearance.

What does the system look like close up?

When considering non surgical hair restoration, you will want to consider how it looks close up. Poorly done surgical hair restoration can have an appearance that looks unnatural due to the pattern and angle used to implant hair transplants. Moreover, visible scarring of the scalp can result from the surgery.

The best hair replacement systems provide a scalp-like appearance when viewed up close. With these non surgical hair restoration systems, the hair appears to grow directly out of the scalp along the hairline. Moreover, these systems maintain the natural appearance of the scalp when the hair is parted.

Can the system be treated like natural hair?

As noted above, synthetic hair cannot be styled or colored due to the nature of its plastic fibers. Moreover, synthetic hair must be removed before showering or bathing because it must be washed differently than natural hair would. Finally, you cannot sleep on synthetic hair due to its tendency to tangle.

Human hair, on the other hand, can be styled and colored like your natural hair. You can shower while wearing it, although the manufacturer may have specific instructions for washing it. Finally, human hair has no greater tendency to tangle than your natural hair would.

How is the system attached?

The method of attachment is important because you want a system that is comfortable, yet secure. The system should enable you to do everything you normally do without removing the hair replacement system. For example, you would not want a hair replacement system that must be removed when you go to an amusement park, drive with the windows down, or exercise.

Can the system be repaired?

Hair replacement systems can suffer from damage. The best hair replacement systems, however, can be repaired for all but the most serious problems.

Hair replacement can be important for your self-esteem. It can improve your social life and your confidence. By asking a few questions about hair replacement systems, you can find the best one for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Farrell Hair Replacement when you want to achieve a natural look.

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