3 Causes Of Hair Loss And What To Do About It

Having a full of head of hair is one of the top features people attribute to feeling confident about their personal appearance. It can be frustrating, and even feel embarrassing, to experience hair loss and balding. Thankfully, there have been innovations made in the hair replacement services industry that can provide you with a variety of options to get your luscious locks back. If you’ve been curious about non surgical hair restoration, check out these quick facts about why your hair may be falling out, and what you can do to help mitigate the effects of baldness.


Genetics accounts for up to 90% of people who experience baldness and hair loss. Although baldness is more common in men, both men and women can be genetically predisposed to experience thinning of hair or balding by the age of 50. The primary gene for baldness is in the X chromosome, which you receive from your mother, but other factors can increase and contribute to your risk for developing this condition.


In addition to genetics, your diet can have a serious impact on the health of your hair. For example, a diet lacking the minerals iron or cobalamin (vitamin B12) can result in your hair becoming more brittle and less likely to grow back. Other nutritional factors include not eating enough zinc or biotin, which can be found in meats and vegetables.


Common medications used to treat symptoms like depression, arthritis, and to regulate blood pressure can result in a thinning hairline. Even anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can cause balding. If you think a medication you have recently started is causing side effects, speak to your doctor. It is unlikely that a medication you have been taking for an extended period of time will cause baldness out of the blue, but you should seek medical advice if you think you’re having a negative reaction to your medicine.

Hair Replacement Services

Non surgical hair replacement systems are a convenient method to achieving a fuller head of hair. This non-invasive procedure gives you instant results, and unlike surgical hair transplants, is completely reversible if you don’t like the outcome. They are also more affordable, lightweight, discreet, and can be styled however you want.

Final Thoughts

Hair replacement services are a convenient way to combat hair loss. Although hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, such as diet, genetics, and side effects from medication you’re taking, non surgical hair restoration is a quick method of achieving immediate results. With the added benefits of being cheaper and safer than getting a hair transplant surgery, this method of restoration is quickly gaining in popularity. If you are curious about having a full head of hair again, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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