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Medical Hair Loss
Hair Loss Solutions by Richard Farrell

Medical Hair LossPartial or complete hair loss can be emotionally devastating to a patient. The only solution to medical hair loss is Farrell non-surgical hair replacement. And studies has have proven that the recovery process from a medical event is much quicker when a patient sees a health image when they look in the mirror. Farrell gives you that back and much more!

Patients can’t be expected to wear uncomfortable wigs, scarves and hats because those items cannot provide a healthy-looking appearance. Everyone can see that the patient is sick. However a Farrell ultra-custom non-surgical hair replacement system is the only way a patient a completely regain their natural and healthy appearance.

A Farrell Hair Replacement system will replace all of the patient's hair to the exact density and aesthetic appearance the patient had before the loss of the hair. Patients can sleep, shower and perform all normal daily activities as if the system is their own growing hair. And most importantly, they will be confident enough about their appearance to continue with their normal, healthy lifestyle.

Below is an actual video from a Farrell
client who is going through chemotherapy

Farrell hair systems are on many actors, musicians and entertainment personalities because no other hair replacement company can match the quality of Farrell undetectable hair systems.

Non-Surgical Hair Systems

Richard Farrell is the world’s most sought-after innovator and leader in non surgical undetectable hair system making. Richard Farrell is "hands on" and contributes to the production of each hair system in order for you to have the Best hair systems in the world.

Womens Medical Hair LossAt Farrell we save you from constantly spending thousands of dollars on new hair systems because we will keep your Farrell systems in the best condition. That’s because we are hair system makers. Expect your hair systems to last 4 to 7 years! When you consider the longevity of our hair systems Farrell will cost you less than just about every other company. And during that time, you will look terrific!

Even sick people need to start being active again. So, whether you are at a yoga class or playing at the beach, your system must be as breathable as you own hair.

Partial or complete hair loss can be emotionally devastating to a patient, but there is a solution to this stage in a patient's medical recovery called non-surgical hair replacement. Instead of limiting a patient to wearing cheap wigs, scarves and hats which cannot provide a healthy-looking appearance, a Farrell ultra-custom, non-surgical hair replacement system is the only process capable of giving a patient a completely natural, healthy appearance after hair loss.

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