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Women's Hair Loss
Hair Loss Solutions by Richard Farrell

Women Hair LossFor almost 30 years Richard Farrell of Farrell Hair Replacement has been solving women’s hair loss. but that’s not all Richard has been doing. Richard and his team have been creating new and advanced methods for making women’s hair replacement more comfortable and less noticeable.

Real Hair Loss Solutions

With so many obvious differences between men’s hair loss and women’s hair loss, Richard Farrell was one of the first in the hair replacement industry to create complete solutions just for women. As Richard explains: “I know that you want a hair loss solution that is easy to maintain and will totally fool everyone. Also, your hair loss situation should not interfere with your personal growth and exercise regimens. Your hair systems should be undetectable in all situations. All women need a full head of hair and Farrell Hair we will design a hair system for you that allows you to live a full productive and active life. So let’s do it!”

Imagine brushing your hair straight back, into a pony tail, or creating any style you want without the fear of being exposed. And your Farrell hair systems will be as breathable as your own growing hair whether you are training for a triathlon or playing at the beach. You will be able to shower, shampoo, swim and relax in a hot tub without fear!

Imagine how your hair should look when you come out of a pool. You can fulfill that dream with a Farrell hair system. You will look incredible laying on a chaise lounge by a hotel pool when your hair system is wet.

View Women's Hair Loss Photos

Shower, Exercise even Sleep with 100% Confidence

I believe in designing and producing systems for women that breathe. Today's women are very active. So, whether you are training for a triathlon or jogging on a treadmill, your system must be as breathable as you own hair. Farrell system can be shampooed in the shower, worn in a pool or a hot tub. When you are lounging by a pool it should look as good as your own actual growing hair would look when damp or wet.

Your Farrell hair systems will be as breathable as your own growing hair whether you are training for a triathlon or playing at the beach. Shower, shampoo, swim and relax in a hot tub without fear! When you are laying on a chaise lounge by a hotel pool your hair system should look as good as real hair would when damp or wet.

At Farrell we save you from constantly spending thousands of dollars on new hair systems because we will keep your Farrell systems in the best condition. That is because we are hair system makers. Expect your hair systems to last 4 to 7 years! When you consider the longevity of our hair systems Farrell will cost you less than just about every other company. And during that time, you will look terrific!

As Hair System Makers Have Much More Flexibility

Your hair styles will actually evolve as you work with us and take you through different style changes. Remember that as hair system makers we can increase or lessen densities, change shapes of hairlines, add highlights or even gray as you age and many other things. The point is that your Farrell hair systems will change and evolve through the years as we work with you just like a real head of growing hair.

We produce hair systems that appear as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. With a Farrell hair system you can create any hairstyle you wish including those that allow you to comb your hair back and away from your face, exposing your entire hairline.

Farrell hair systems are on many actresses, musicians and entertainment personalities because no other hair replacement company can match the quality of Farrell undetectable hair systems.

Hair Loss Solutions Women

Real Solutions for your Hair Loss

We actually prove that our systems are the world’s best before you ever meet with us for your consultation. How? Simply view the many media events that are cached on this website. You won’t see demonstrations like this on any other websites because we are the only company that produces hair systems that can regularly pass the inspection of high definition cameras.

It is mandatory that our hair systems are the best because Farrell Hair ReplaceWoment has always been based in Hollywood, California. As a result, our clientele consists of entertainWoment people who need to look better than good. They need excellence. At Farrell, we meet or exceed their expectations. You too deserve the best.

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