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The main difference between Farrell and all of the other hair replacement companies is simple: We replace your hair exactly the way it used to grow. Your hair loss problem will be solved as you get all of your hair back and simply look incredible! You will be able to style your hair in any manner and do any activity in confidence.

Hair Artist at work creating a custom hair replacement systemThe hair system technologies that make this possible come from Richard Farrell, the world’s most sought-after innovator and leader in hair system making. Farrell Hair Replacement is a company of hair system makers that produces the highest quality non surgical hair systems.
Ask Richard Farrell

Ask Richard Farrell

Have you ever wanted to ask Richard Farrell a question? Now is your chance to ask Richard and he will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

Over the years Richard Farrell has helped thousands of people just like you to end their hair loss and start their new life with a full head of hair. Now Farrell Hair is inviting anyone seeking to end their hair loss the unique opportunity to ask Richard Farrell a question directly and receive an answer from Richard himself.

We have never offered this type of direct contact with Richard Farrell before so don’t miss out, now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have your questions about hair loss answered directly by Richard Farrell himself.

Use the form below to ask Richard Farrell all of your questions about hair loss, the only thing we ask is that you let us know who you are so that Richard will know who he is helping.

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