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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

Losing your hair is never fun. It’s embarrassing, depressing, and trying things that don’t work becomes increasingly frustrating. There are many surgical and non surgical hair replacement options available for restoring your hair. Some are completely natural, some require surgery, and others are not a cure for hair loss as much as a disguise for it.

Hair loss occurs as a result of heredity or getting older. While many accept it as a fact of life, other people look for solutions. The most common methods of replacing hair are as follows.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Option #1: Mass Produced Toupees

Do we really need to even mention them? Designed for men, they’ve been around for decades. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten any better over the years. They’re still just as obvious, awkward, and unattractive as they were in the 1980’s.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Option #2: Creams and Lotions

Hair loss that results from environmental causes, such as stress, may be reversed with creams and lotions. People who are experiencing hair loss because it’s simply their genetic lot in life, however, find that there are no creams or lotions to fix that issue. The only thing you’ll wind up with is a head that constantly feels greasy and a lot of frustration.

Surgical Hair Replacement Option #1: Hair Transplants

For those who don't wish to wear a toupee or for whom hair regrowth medication has failed, there is the option of hair transplant. This procedure involves removing hair from the back of the head and grafting it onto bald sections. The grafted hair will attach and grow and will result in the most natural look.

A more drastic option is a scalp reduction. The bald areas are removed and the scalp with hair is stretched to cover the bare area, giving the impression of a complete head of hair. This method is used only when other measures have failed or for someone who cannot have standard hair transplant surgery.

These methods will create a slightly fuller look, but it still carries all the risks inherent in any surgery. The results are mixed and the price tag will prevent most people from having it done. At a cost of more than $10,000 for a head of hair, most people find that it’s too expensive, as well as too painful and can even be dangerous for some.

The Ultimate Solution: Farrell Hair System

More men and women are now turning to www.farrellhair.com for non surgical hair replacement solutions. The Farrell system provides hair replacement that is extremely durable and has a very natural look and feel. It also costs less than other hair replacement methods.

This unique system is non-surgical, letting you avoid all the pain and potential complications of surgery. This hair system allows you to swim, shower and play some ball without worrying about wigs falling off. Ride in a convertible, go for a jog, do all your normal activities without having to worry about your hair. The hair looks natural, feels natural, and it as thick as you would like.

The system looks like it is your own hair, and can actually be styled in any manner you would like. As you age, your hair changes. The Farrell Hair systems will change along with you. No one will ever suspect it’s not your real hair unless you tell them. Every system of non surgical hair replacement is customized to the individual client. Whether you are an older man, young woman, or sweet child, this system can be customized to look like your own hair. Not only does it look fantastic, it is also very affordable, completely safe, and absolutely comfortable.

Farrell uses artistry to create a customized, signature hair system for each client. It replaces hair in exactly the manner it used to grow. The majority of Farrell hair systems last from five to seven years and do not require constant maintenance.

Farrell Hair salons can be found throughout the world. It is also possible to meet with a Farrell designer in locations that don't have a salon. Farrell prides itself on superior customer service and 100% satisfaction.

To begin the journey to affordable, natural-looking hair replacement, visit www.farrellhair.com today.

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