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Hair Fixing Solutions Colombo, Sri Lanka

The new Farrell Hair Replacement Sri Lanka, is home to one of the most exotically intoxicating places on earth. The Sri Lankan people are warm and kind and the Sri Lankan coasts are studded with palm-lined beaches, some with world-class surf breaks.

Richard Farrell brings 30 years of hair replacement experience and comes with the full support of Richard Farrell and his expert global staff of hair makers, hair replacement consultants and professionally trained hair stylists. Making an appointment for Sri Lanka is simple, just fill out the contact form below.

Hair Replacement in Sri Lanka with Hollywood Quality

Richard Farrell was born in Hollywood, California and started his hair replacement business in Hollywood. Our Hollywood location resulted in Richard’s clientele being a broad cross section of Hollywood’s entertainment community. Our clients demand the most in undetectability and quality and so should you. You want to look your best? Then, let Farrell hair Replacement fix your hair loss situation.

Our Hair Replacement Sri Lanka can give you your life back

Hair Replacement Sri LankaRichard Farrell who mastered the techniques many years ago to satisfy the unique needs of Indian hair loss sufferers; said that “we have the ability to make each system custom made to fit our clients color, size and style, so no two systems are ever the exact same". Appointments are limited and the time to schedule your appointment is now.

Award-winning Hair Replacement innovator, Richard Farrell

The most sought after expert in the international non-surgical hair replacement arena. Richard Farrell professional expertise combined with his ingenious artistic techniques and charismatic personality has created an increasing demand for his advice, appearances on televised talk shows, at trade shows, hair loss conventions, workshops, seminars and movie sets.


The longevity of a pair of Farrell hair systems is 5 to 7 years! When you factor in the longevity of our hair systems, Farrell is definitely the least expensive. And during that time you will look great! Don’t settle for a company that can only give you "throw away" hair systems (that last anywhere from 1 to 6 months), and will try to trap you into an expensive maintenance program.

The "Best Hair Systems in the World"

As you are probably aware, the other companies charge you horrific monthly fees to attach, clean and re-attach your systems. We free you of being "glued to a company" with expensive maintenance plans. Farrell clients enjoy their days off instead of being forced to spend those days in a hair replacement salon. It’s true that Farrell Hair Replacement systems are the Best in the World and also the least expensive.

Hair Loss Solutions Sri Lanka

Farrell hair systems are for those distinguishing people who want hair systems that replace their hair exactly to the way it used to grow. Richard’s expertise is straight from Hollywood’s big film production’s need for realism and his hair systems are completely natural looking. As Richard says; “It just makes sense that if you are going to wear hair systems, wear the best or nothing at all.”

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