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Tell Us Your Hair Loss Story

For a Chance to Win a FREE Farrell Hair System

Are you loosing your hair? Is yours a story that could move others?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then we want to hear from you. Tell us your story and we’ll give you a chance to win a free Farrell Hair system designed by Richard Farrell, Hollywood hair loss guru.

Richard Farrell has been approached by a Hollywood television production company known for their reality TV shows, and they have asked Richard to participate in a pilot event that could well turn into a TV reality hair loss show.

Getting started is easy, simply fill out the form below with your contact information and add your story in the last field. Once we receive your story you will receive a confirmation email that we have it. Your story will then be read by the reality show producers and the best might possible be part of an actual reality TV series.

Farrell has little control over the actual content of the show we cannot take any phone calls to our salon or emails about the status of the producer’s decision, but rest a assured that if your story is chosen you will be contacted.

Thank you for your participation.

Need some ideas to get started?
Watch the short video below; these are real Farrell clients telling their stories about how they suffered with hair loss and how they sought out a solution that would give them all of their hair back. These are true stories that are unscripted and very moving, and all have had their lives changed by Richard Farrell.

Add your information and story below

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Enter your story here
Be sure to spell check to ensure your story has the quality to stand out.
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